Bible Journalling UK was set up in 2017 to offer creative resources and study notes appropriate for British congregations. Acknowledging that our context is different from the US, Jane started writing materials for Christians in Scotland, and it grew from there. From the first workshops on a friend’s dining table, Jane has run workshops and retreats at churches around the British Isles including Sussex, Kelso, Cumbrae and Orkney. We have

a thriving Facebook page and group @biblejournallingUK

an Etsy shop

and a You Tube channel


Revd. Jane MacLaren, as well as being an obsessive crafter, is an ordained Anglican with more than 30 years experience in running church groups and teaching the Bible. She started life in England and for the last 20 years has lived in Edinburgh with her husband who is also ordained, and their 3 children. Previous roles have included Parish ministry, school and university Chaplaincy and event management for charity Fischy Music. She is currently Priest in Charge at a church in Edinburgh. She also teaches Preaching at the Scottish Episcopal Institute which trains the Ordinands and Readers for the Scottish Episcopal Church.

Jane writes:

“I’ve seen how powerful a learning tool images can be. They connect with us more deeply than words alone. We traditionally associate this with children yet many of us older folks can benefit too. Perhaps one of the reasons that I love Creative Bible Journalling is that it’s so accessible to adults. As a Christian I want to immerse myself in God’s Word; carry it with me wherever I go; live in the light of God’s love and strength. For me as a visual learner and a keen crafter that means using things like washi tape, stickers and swathes of paint to remind me of the wonderful images we find in Scripture. Getting creative helps me engage with our Creator God. It encourages us to play and enjoy God’s presence. We have a God who created laughter and puffins. I think that engaging with such a God needs to include activities that are colourful and fun!”

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