I’ve been thinking about pilgrimage a lot lately, probably because I can’t go on one with all the restrictions still in place! Is it possible to ‘go’ on a pilgrimage without actually leaving home? What does it mean to walk with Jesus on the road to Jerusalem as we approach Holy Week and Easter? What can we learn as we see him alone in the wilderness, talking with the disciples, wrestling in prayer and facing the enormity of the task ahead?

With this in mind, our creative journalling kit for Lent this year is called ‘Walking with Jesus’. These new materials invite you to imagine yourself in the midst of some familiar gospel stories and see them with fresh eyes. The kit contains Bible references, brief commentary, journalling suggestions, creative journalling materials, image suggestions and everything you need to make your own loose-leaf A6 journal.

Get the kit HERE.

Follow Jesus as he deals with temptation in the wilderness, faces the road to Jerusalem and death, goes up the mountain of transfiguration, meets Zacchaeus in Jericho and is anointed by Mary at Bethany. As you enter into these stories what do you see and feel? What is God saying to you?

Life is full of challenges. It was for Jesus and it is for us! It’s important to note that there’s no shame in that. Think about¬†temptation, obedience, prayer, repentance and adoration. How does he handle these things and what does that mean for you in your situation?

Use colours, pictures, images and your own imagination to explore the stories in new ways. Use the commentaries and journalling prompts on the beautiful postcards as a starting point for your inner pilgrimage with Jesus. The kit includes craft supplies to get you started. Find some scissors, simple stick glue, a few old magazines and you’re ready to go!

The kit comes with 6 printed journalling prompt cards and 10 blank pages to make your own journal. The beauty of the loose leaf format means you can add in as many more pages as you like using scrapbook paper, packaging materials or anything else you have lying around. Use the binder rings to keep your pages together, use them as bookmarks or put them in a box or envelope.

You can also buy more A6 blank mixed media cards from the shop. Get them HERE.

Here’s a review from the Etsy shop – thanks Lyn.
“Wow!! I love it! The Bible references, the ideas on the tactile postcards, the YouTube videos and the washi tapes, binder rings and stickers all make this complete kit a real joy.”

Watch a video HERE.

Of course there are lots of ways of making a journal – this video includes suggestions to get you started, and a guided tour around the items in the kit.

If you’d like to follow the journey right through into Holy Week and then celebrate the Resurrection in your journalling, you can get a second set of materials that follow on from Lent and take you right through to Easter Day. Get them HERE.

Enjoy the journey!

If you want to get the postcards without the creative materials and use your own craft stash, you can get a full set of all 12 cards from Lent to Easter HERE.  For more information and group discounts Email Jane.

A stay-at-home Pilgrimage for Lent

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