Hopefully you found this page because you have the Gratitude Journalling kit from our sister organisation at www.creativejournalling.co.uk If not, please go over to the site and buy the kit!

The following are free Bible journalling notes on various topics around the theme of gratitude and thanksgiving. Feel free to download, print, edit and enjoy! They come in A5 format so you can trim them and stick them into your A5 journal if you wish.

These notes are intended for individual use only for anyone who has purchased the Gratitude Journalling kit from Creative Journalling UK. To use with groups, please Email Jane.

  1. Introduction BJ Bible studies intro
  2. Attitude of Gratitude BJ Bible studies att of grat
  3. In every situation BJ Bible studies every sitn
  4. For sustenance BJ Bible studies sustenance
  5. For others BJ Bible studies others
  6. As an act of faith BJ Bible studies act of faith
  7. For God’s work BJ Bible studies God at work
  8. For Jesus BJ Bible studies gift of Jesus


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